Thep is the first character made with our own Squiggly rig system. Built to allow a great deal of flexibility and exaggeration, Thep is equipped with some cool features to allow him to act as cartoony as possible without losing appeal.

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Product Description

Thep has two personality modes, normal and evil. Both expressed in his eyes and teeth.

He has a bunch of extra multiples including an extra set of eyes and a fully rigged extra head.

The multiples are separate assets to allow referencing as many as one would like.

Thep multiples


  • Full body rig with a non-switch IK/FK spine system
  • Bendy arms and legs
  • Smear control for hands and feet
  • Hands UI with fingers pose presets
  • Full facial rig 
  • Head squash and stretch
  • Detachable head with a space switcher – Neck/World
  • Personality switcher for the eyes – Normal/Evil
  • Personality switcher for the teeth – Normal/Evil
  • Extra set of legs with visibility and taper control separately for leg and foot
  • Extra set of arms with visibility and taper control separately for upper arm, forearm and hand
  • Extra set of eyes with visibility control
  • Fully rigged extra head with visibility control
  • Extra cloth string with the Mgear spring system

Maya 2017 and up