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Grey Matter Gary Maya Rig

Grey Matter Gary

Meet Grey Matter Gary:

Gary’s free rig comes with an additional multiples file (see: Ingredients)

Maya 2017 and up

Suggested background story for Grey Matter Gary:

He may look evil and grim but inside he’s a delicate flower.

Works as a waiter in a fancy steakhouse but that’s just his cover story…


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Grey Matter Gary Information


  • Stretchy and bendy arms and legs
  • Stretchy and bendy head
  • Stretchy and bendy spine
  • Full facial control
  • Global stretch, bend, inflate and twist control
  • Additional multiples that includes:
  • 2 extra left arms
  • 2 extra right arms
  • 2 extra left legs
  • 2 extra right legs
  • 2 extra sets of eyes