Cheetah Burnstein Maya Rig New

Cheetah Burnstein

From a dishonorable discharge from the army to a job as a killer for hire, Cheetah Burnstein is everything you would expect from an outlaw. Fierce, cold, and ruthless he will shoot just about anyone as long as there’s good money involved.

Fast as a bullet and ripped like braided bread.

Equipped with a gun, exceptional martial arts skills and foul language, that’s all he needs to get any job done.


Product Description


  • Stretchy and bendy arms and legs
  • Stretchy and bendy head
  • Stretchy and bendy spine
  • Full facial control
  • Gun prop with a space switcher
  • Picker
  • Fully shaded and textured for Arnold renderer


Compatibility: Maya 2017 and up