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Appealing, lightweight and easy to use

After too long and an epidemia, we’ve gathered again to work on expanding the Squiggly collection. We’ve just finished modeling and shading this guy, which was designed for us by Aviram Sharfi with his own appealing and unique style. Check out his work!

model-sheet (1)model-sheet (1)
model-render (1)model-render (1)
hh (1)hh (1)
facial-sketches-(1) (1)facial-sketches-(1) (1)
poses-and-story-moments (1)poses-and-story-moments (1)

We believe that Maya rigs Should Be:


Characters must look good! That's the number one rule in our work. Coming from the first guideline, which says "Make Pretty"‚Äč


Speed. We make an effort to build rigs as optimal as possible for better and faster performance. How about that?

Easy To Use

We want animators to have fun animating with our rigs. We believe that Maya rigs that are built simply and intuitively will definitely give that experience

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