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Maya Rigs For Sale

Maya Rigs For Sale

If you’re searching for Maya rigs for sale, you are most likely need a good top quality rig to work with in your project.

We at Squiggly Rigs create rigs which are appealing, lightweight and easy to use, so that you can basically enjoy the animation process.

Squiggly Rigs Premium Bundle

Get our Premium Rigs When purchasing this bundle.

Bundle includes:

  • Lee Maya Rig
  • Goosh Maya Rig
  • Cheetah Burnstein Maya Rig


Free Maya Rigs

Our collection of maya rigs for sale

The rigs on this page are Maya rigs we created and tested from scratch after research we did about your needs as an animator.

There are many Maya rigs that you can buy on the market, but if you’re aiming to turn into a professional animator, you will need to buy Maya rigs that work for you, instead of working against you.

We’d love to hear about your experience with our rigs. 
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