Free Maya Rigs

If you are looking for free Maya rigs, you are probably an animator looking to use a Maya rig in your projects.

Working in animation should be fun and fulfilling, and part of it is that the 3D community always shows support to good quality animation works. The feedback you get from others can teach you a lot and help you progress in your career and get better along the way.

Squiggly Rigs Premium Bundle

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  • Lee Maya Rig
  • Goosh Maya Rig
  • Cheetah Burnstein Maya Rig


Free Maya Rigs

Part of being a member of this beautiful community is helping others with what you know, and there is no better way to learn new skills in 3D than watching other people work.

Isn’t it fun when you build that incredible scene and people actually loving it? Doesn’t it make you proud? I bet it is.

One of the best ways to practice your skills is by animating free Maya rigs you can find online. You can use Maya rigs to understand the animation principles and how body mechanics really work.

Many animators will tell you that the best rigs are the most intuitive and easy to operate. There’s a reason for that. Nobody wants to struggle with a rig that does the opposite of what you want it to?

The best rigs will help you work intuitively, faster, and help you generate better results and better character animations.

And of course, you should go on and download our own free Maya rigs, “Grey matter Gary,” which is a rig that we give away for free, Gary is a cartoony character rig that is really appealing, simple structured, and highly flexible, and he is perfect for practicing your animation skills.

We’d love to hear about your experience with our rigs. 
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