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Free Maya Rigs

If you are looking for free Maya rigs, you are probably an animator looking to use a Maya rig in your projects.

Working in animation should be fun and fulfilling, and part of it is that the 3D community always shows support to good quality animation works. The feedback you get from others can teach you a lot and help you progress in your career and get better along the way.

Free Maya Rigs

Part of being a member of this beautiful community is helping others with what you know, and there is no better way to learn new skills in 3D than watching other people work.

Isn’t it fun when you build that incredible scene and people actually loving it? Doesn’t it make you proud? I bet it is.

One of the best ways to practice your skills is by animating free Maya rigs you can find online. You can use Maya rigs to understand the animation principles and how body mechanics really work.

Many animators will tell you that the best rigs are the most intuitive and easy to operate. There’s a reason for that. Nobody wants to struggle with a rig that does the opposite of what you want it to?

The best rigs will help you work intuitively, faster, and help you generate better results and better character animations.

And of course, you should go on and download our own free Maya rigs, “Grey matter Gary,” which is a rig that we give away for free, Gary is a cartoony character rig that is really appealing, simple structured, and highly flexible, and he is perfect for practicing your animation skills.

Searching for Free Maya Rigs?

Are you searching for the most excellent Maya rigs? Look no further than us. We are your right source of excellent free Maya rigs today.  The Maya rigs we offer are of high-quality and skill level as well—this results to saving you many hours of wasted time.

You will see that there are thousands of Maya rigs offered out there by other companies. However, always bear in mind that if you want to become an expert and professional animator- the last thing you want is a low-quality rig, which makes animating harder as well as more challenging than it already is.  To assist you in getting precisely what you want, you need to consider the recommendations offered by Squiggly Rigs. They offer amazing free Maya rigs that you will find useful.

We are here to help others with the skills we know. There’s no better way of learning new talents and skills three dimensional than seeing other people’s masterpieces. It is exhilarating to create that amazing scene, and people enjoy and love it. It will make you happy, proud, and contented.

One of the superb ways of practicing your talents or skills is through animating free Maya Rigs that can be found online. There are lots of websites that offer these free rigs that you can use to hone your skills. These free Maya rigs can be used to know and at the same time understand the ideas and principles of animation. This plays a vital role in helping you in knowing how body mechanics work.

A lot of animators today will tell you that the most superb and reliable rigs are those which are lightweight, intuitive, flexible as well as user friendly. These are many reasons leading to that. Of course, no one wants to struggle with a rig that does the opposite of what you wish it to.

If you want the best free Maya rigs available that will help assists you a lot in working intuitively, faster, as well as assists you in producing better results and improve or better character animations, free Maya rigs offered by Squiggly Rigs are the best and perfect choice.

Free Maya Rigs

What is Rigging and Its Importance?

But, before talking about free Maya rigs offered by Squiggly Rigs and why you should consider this company, first lets us talk about Rigging and its importance.

Rigging refers to the method utilized in skeletal animation to symbolize or correspond to a three-dimensional character model with the use of a serried of unified and organized digital bones. Rigging specifically refers to the procedure of making the bone structure a three dimensional. The bone structure is utilized in manipulating the three dimensional model like animations or puppet.

You can rig almost anything you be: a coffee mug, a hat, a laptop, a soldier, or a spaceship. It does not make any difference what the item is.  Putting in bones will enable any time to be animated freely.  Rigging is considered popular in animated characters for movies and games as well. This method makes the process of animation easier, and at the same time, it enhances the efficiency of the production. When rigged with skeletal bones, three-dimensional objects is control as well as distort when required. Rigging is a leading approach in the conventional way of animating a character, most especially in the industry of entertainment. Obtaining complex and smooth animations is totally reliant on the superiority of the rigging stage.

How Does Rigging in Animation Work?

Rigging plays a very significant role in the bigger and broader process of animation. After a three-dimensional model has been made, then a series of bones is created representing the bone or skeletal structure. For example, in character, there might be a series of backbones, head bones, and spine. These structural bones can be changed or transformed with the use of a digital animation app, meaning the rotation, position, and scale can be altered. Through recording these factors of the bones together with a timeline, you can record an animation. The basic setup might take a couple of hours or less, while a complicated rig could take a couple of days.

The rigging process leads to a hierarchal structure where every bone is in a child or parent relationship with the bones it links to. This makes the process of animation a whole. Once an artist transfers a forearm, shoulder bone, and hand bones, will move as well. The object is to replicate real life as precisely as can be.

How the three-dimensional model acts together with the bones is determined by weight scale. The weight control how much influence a bone has over a part of the mesh. Through this way, you can fine-tune the deformation sensitivity for accurate as well as precise animation.

Where to Find Maya Rig?

Now let’s go back to free Maya rig. As mentioned above, you can find many free Maya rigs out there, but Squiggly Riggs is the best option.

Why Choose our Free Maya Rigs?

Are you searching for a rig to play with, but you don’t have the skills and time to make one? No worry, there are lots of amazing and remarkable free animation rigs on hand for you to get and download today. Squiggly Rigs has the most popular free rigs available at this point. They have simple rigs, advanced rigs able to production-level quality.

There are lots of compelling reasons why you should choose free Maya rigs offered by Squiggly Rigs. Here are some of the many reasons:

Very Appealing:  All the animation rigs offered by Squiggly Rigs are very appealing and enticing. Aside from being appealing, they are also very flexible and can be utilized to practice walk animation or make shots.  This is the reason why a lot of animators opt to Squiggly Rigs for free and premium Maya rigs.

Lightweight: This is also one of the many reasons why you need to consider Squiggly Rigs free Maya rigs. These free Maya rigs are made of an Advanced Skeleton rig system that is also very simple.

Easy to Use: All the free Maya rigs offered are easy to use. The design is very simple and not that complicated compared to other rigs offered online.

Why Choose Us for Free Maya Rigs

As mentioned above, Squiggly Rigs is the leading and reliable source for superior and high quality free, and premium Maya rigs and this is because of many good reasons such as:

This website is very dedicated to offering only the best and most excellent free Maya rigs today. Squiggly Rigs focus on lightweight, flexible, appealing as well as user-friendly designs. They are working to make your passion for creating rigs into a different source of characters and rigs for animators out there to utilize in their work or for those individuals for study purposes.

Grey Matter Gary: Free Maya Rigs Offered by Squiggly Rigs

As mentioned, there are Maya Rigs available online, but if you want the best and user-friendly one to opt to Squiggly Rigs free Maya Rigs. One of the free Maya rigs they offer is the Grey Matter Garry. You can download this rig for free. Gary is a cartoon character rig that is simply made, very appealing as well as very flexible. This free rig is ideal for honing your skills in animation.

Those in the animation field know how vital it is to have access to an array of rigs that you can work with and hone and practice your craft. With Maya very prevalent in animation, there’s no lack of remarkable free rigs. If you want to put in a new one to your collection, you need to consider Grey Matter Gray from Squiggly Rigs.

Gray Matter Gary is a premier free rigs made to be flexible, lightweight, user-friendly as well as easy to use. This can be downloaded by anyone for free. To download this rig, you need Maya Maya 2017. This site also other amazing rigs offered.

Premium Maya Rigs

Those who are up for giving out a few amounts for high quality, premium rigs, then Squiggly Rigs also offer some amazingly, superbly awesome premium Maya rigs for everyone to avail for a very reasonable price. Bestowed with remarkable features, these premium Maya rigs could change anyone’s animation experience altogether!


So this was an extensive take on the best source of Free Maya Rigs online that anyone can download without spending any amount. With Squiggly Rigs free Maya rigs, you can instantly get better with style as well as handling the process of animation. On the other hand, you have to dedicate patience and enough time to amp the gig up.

And we at Squiggly Rigs are hoping that you can carry it out with ease with these amazing and remarkable free Maya rigs. But, never forget to have all the excitement and fun while at it.

We’d love to hear about your experience with our rigs. 
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