Maya Rigging & Asset Creation Services

Are you looking for Maya Rigging services or maybe a 3D asset creation services for your 3D production? At Squiggly Rigs Studios we can help you with these rigs and assets so that you can accomplish your production goals.

Our Services

3D Modeling

We Design the models to maximize the look and future deformations to fit the style of the project!

UV Mapping

Preparing the surfaces of the object for shading and textures

Custom Rigging
Maya rigging

Maya Rigging

Building optimized Maya rigging systems to fit the requirements and style of the animation.

Shading and textures

designing materials and textures to fit the look of the project and the choice of render engine as required by the client

Pipeline Friendly Assets

The assets we create are built to be highly flexible and “pipeline friendly” which means they are easy to fix and change at almost any stage of the production.


We offer ongoing support for the assets throughout the production

Let us help you achieve your production goals

Are you a studio looking for custom Maya Rigging for your project? We provide custom 3D character rigging and asset creation services!

Just fill out the form, and we will get back to you to discuss your rigging needs.