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About Us


Welcome to Squiggly Rigs, your source for  high quality rigs for Maya. We’re dedicated to providing you our best Maya rigs , with a focus on appealing, lightweight, flexible and easy to use rig designs.  

We’re working to turn our passion for building rigs into a diverse source of rigs and characters for animators to use in their work.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Squiggly Rigs Team

Meet The Team

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Our Owner and Founder at #squigglyrigs is Sagi Squiggly Cohen

The man who is responsible for the production and art side of things.

Sagi is a senior character animator at Snowball Studio during the day, but at night he turns into… a rigger! 

and that’s when all the squiggly craziness happens.

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Meet Shlomo Man, if you ever talked to us on any platform,

most probably that he is the one you’ve been talking to.

Shlomo is our customer relationship manager and head of marketing department at squigglyrigs

And man, Mr. Man knows his game.